Photographer Shows The Hilarious Truth Behind Cheesy Photos

Gilmar Silva is a Brazilian photographer who does a lot of photo shoots that are charming, soft and versatile. Engagement photos where folks float pregnancy announcements, on a river. They’re quite pretty and quite unrealistic, which will be fine. You ought to picture the huge events you desire.

However, Silva wants to show. He’s exposing the picture sausage has made, and it’s not pretty:

The job is called LUGARxPHOTO, according toBored Panda, meaning “photo and place.” On his Instagram page, Silva reveals what the picture shoot looks like when compared with the finished item, and the results are of sitting from dirt streets next to an ideal version of that captured 40, a humorous juxtaposition. Maybe he is just showing off his Photoshop skills, but what the reason, it’s great:

Occasionally that magic moment only needs a bit of help in place.

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