Photography Tips | How To Utilize Wind In The Studio

Photography Tips | How To Utilize Wind In The Studio

In the studio, what which will turn into your picture is supplied your gift by you, or your crew. It’s similar to shooting location, in which a serendipitous breeze will make your model’s own hair or clothes take on a life of their own, adding to dynamism on your photo. If you would like wind on your studio photography, you have got to make it all yourself.

What the studio lacks from happenstance, it makes up for with controller. The photography studio is currently an environment which enables experimentation, and the only limits are those imposed with space and what you’re prepared to clean up after a haul. If you’re choosing to use wind on your images you are able to test all kinds of strategies to use it.

Gavin Hoey demonstrates these flaws of experimentation and control in a video made for Adorama TV detailing precisely what you could do with a subject and a little breeze. Especially, Gavin’s video is about integrating wind-generating devices and wind directions with a theme’s hair.

Three Ways To Make Wind

Reflector Waft

You’ll require an assistant, to use this procedure. It’s an easy way to add a little bit of motion on the spur of the moment using what you have already got available. Simply have your assistant take per reflector and use it to send gusts of breeze wafting in your topic. Gavin urges that these gusts come in below rather than above to make a striking appearance.

The drawbacks are that lone wolf photographers might get this method challenging or even impossible to do without an assistant, again waving a reflector for an extended period is taxing on the assistant physically, and it cuts back on fluidity on the model’s part, since they need to await each gust.

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House Fan

Incorporating a simple home fan has a few advantages over the reflector approach. For starters, this method can be used by you . A home fan will do the job if you don’t have an assistant handy, just like a fan that is person would and it won’t get tired. A home fan can also be used for a self-portrait alone. The usage of a fan increases the selection of movement a model can use bring to a shoot when utilizing wind, as they are freer to transfer than they’d be with the prior procedure.

Wind Machine

An end device is what you use if you want power. It behaves somewhat more like breeze in a take — much less control, more insanity and packs enough punch for hair as well as garments. A wind machine will be more expensive than your house lover, but it might include manufacturing value to a shoot.

A Fan For Every Budget

  • Cowboy Studio SF-05 Studio Hair Fan and Stream Wind Machine — $99.80

  • O2COOL 10-inch Portable Processor with AC Adapter — $25.48

  • ADJ Products ENTOUR CYCLONE Stage Light Accessory — $363.31

Supporting, or whether from above, below, in the sidehas an important part. Check out Gavin’s video below to find the impact management of wind has on the appearance and feel of your pictures and watch the methods in activity.

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VIDEO: Edit your images to perfection in Topaz Studio from photographer Rad A Drew -- Topaz Studio

VIDEO: Edit your images to perfection in Topaz Studio from photographer Rad A Drew — Topaz Studio

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VIDEO: Edit the pictures to perfection in Topaz Studio from photographer Rad A Drew

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