Mobile App Pen Testing Should Be Robust And Thorough

If you are part of a business or development team that needs to mobile app pen testing, then you need to be as robust and thorough as you can. The more possible users your app can support, the more users you get to have, and it is usually assumed that apps do better the more they are downloaded from site.

While some apps are only for certain models or brands of smartphones, the truly universally successful ones are known and trusted by consumers as something that will work on practically every phone.

Unfortunately, it is not all that easy to create an app that just automatically works on every phone. It’s even harder to make sure that specific features are universal in their functionality, which just makes mobile app pen testing all the more important.

There are that you can hire to do app testing across a number of different devices and situations, and if that is in your budget, then the reports, information, and data generated can be quite useful.

Of course you can also do a lot of testing just within your team, possibly expanding to friends and family you trust to sign an NDA to keep your company secrets safe.

Given how many people own smartphones, it is sound business thinking to target them with apps. The real money used to be in software for desktops and laptops, but apps are now all the rage, with over half of Internet traffic coming from mobile devices and the majority of new online users coming from portable electronics.

Thorough app testing does not have to actually take place across every phone out there, as that would be impractical and expensive, but it also does not take that many people to cover the major brands and categories of phones on the market.