Kitchen Flooring Ideas For A New Look

Kitchen flooring needs to be both hard wearing and practical. However, this does not mean that it has to be dull and boring. There are many kitchen floor ideas that you should consider which provide the practicality needed for this room and a completely new look for the kitchen.

Think About Patterns

Most people have a single colour floor in their kitchen, but you should consider patterns. Patterned floor tiles are a standout piece for any stylish kitchen. Of course, when you look at patterned tiles, you will need to ensure that they complement your kitchen units. If you have painted units, you should look at grey and pale blue patterned tiles.

Sticking To Stone

A popular choice for kitchen flooring is natural materials such as stone. This lends an authenticity to the kitchen and will often create a rustic aesthetic. There is a current trend in kitchen flooring of using mimica porcelains which recreate the appearance of natural stone, but are much easier to maintain and clean. If you are not worried about the maintenance issues that sometimes come with natural stone, you can consider limestone flags or slate.

Modern Polished Concrete

If you are looking for a very tough kitchen flooring that also keeps the room cool and modern, you should look at polished concrete. This is ideal if you have an uneven floor surface as you will simply pour the concrete over this. Polished concrete is also very low maintenance and the highly polished finish will help to reflect light throughout the kitchen.

Create A Feature With Parquet suggest that parquet flooring is a great way to create a feature floor without going too far. Classic parquet flooring will be laid as individual blocks, but you can now get this effect with engineered wood planks. The wood planks are easier to install and often easier to maintain.