The Monumental Role Of Photography In The Fight For Racial Equality

Complexity, interiority, subjectivity: these are qualities that every human being possesses by virtue of living in a tumultuous world full of obstacles and contradictions that keep its inhabitants constantly evolving just to stay afloat. Dignity, power, respect: these are virtues we bestow upon our fellow citizens, recognizing the intricacy and distinction of their being. It’s easy … Read more »

How A 14-Year-Old Sex Worker Became One Of Photography’s Greatest Muses

“I remember the first time I met Tiny,” late photographer Mary Ellen Mark explained in an interview with Leica News. She was visiting Seattle in 1983, on assignment for Life magazine, documenting Seattle’s homeless and runaway youth. Mark waited outside a club called the Monastery, where street kids were known to frequent. “A taxicab pulled up … Read more »