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Your Newborn Portrait Session at our Brisbane studio includes:


The pre consultation is important to help prep both us and yourselves for your portrait session as we strive to deliver a unique experience for each family.  We understand that with newborns it can be difficult to visit the studio for this session, so we can do this over the phone (Karen is a mother of two and Marcus a father of three, including twins so know what it is like).


Its time to begin thinking about where you would like to display the art work we will be creating for you in your home.  We create a range of unique fine art products and can create unique one of pieces for you and your family.   Let us know if you are thinking to display the images in your babies nursery or other areas of your living areas.

You can also bring in unique items to your session that have special meaning to you and your family.

For many parents seeking more than a newborn session, we offer a series of photography shoots over the first few years of your child’s life called “Watch Me Grow”.   That documents all the milestones with the key people in your life.  With sessions including Maternity,  Newborn Sessions, my first Steps, cuddles with grandparents, even “a day in the life” that documents the daily routine of having a baby, even a cake smash for their first birthday.

Before too long you will making lunches and dropping them off to pre-school.  Yes it all happens so quickly and these memories can easily be forgotten.  So why not have them captured forever

For many of the wedding couples we have photographed we will start with a maternity session followed by a visit to you up in the maternity ward on either day one or two of the birth of your newborn. Where Marcus or Karen will come to you in the hospital suite and document the wonderful joy (plus a little tiredness).

For couples new to Studio Impressions its often that your first baby session will be at the studio within the first two weeks.

Inquire today about the options available to you.

Breathtaking glow (nyc maternity photographer, manhattan maternity photography studio)

Breathtaking glow (nyc maternity photographer, manhattan maternity photography studio)

Breathtaking glow
(nyc maternity photographer, manhattan maternity photography studio)

Capture the breathtaking glow of motherhood with a fine art studio maternity session.
Becoming a mother is one of the most magical times in our lives.
Despite the morning sickness, the aches and pains, and sleepless nights,
nothing else compares to this time of excitement and anticipation.
Celebrate your journey into motherhood with a maternity portrait session.
Capture your gorgeous glow, and cherish these precious moments forever as beautiful works of art.

NYC Luxury Maternity Photography Studio
MKP is NYC’s premier maternity photographer, specializing in fresh and pure images that showcase the beauty of this incredibly special time in your life. We are available for sessions at our Midtown Manhattan studio. With years of experience, you’ll enjoy a relaxed and comfortable experience. Since maternity portraits are best captured around 32-36 weeks, we strongly urge clients to book in advance to ensure our availability.

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in your life. As an esteemed maternity photography studio, MKP has the artistic vision to create beautiful and timeless art to be treasured for years to come. We love to document this wonderful journey!  With a combination of both natural light and studio lighting, we strike an elegant balance that accents your beautiful bump. Your pregnancy will be preserved in the most elegant way with artistic silhouettes and fine art lighting to flatter your curves. We pay special attention to posing and all the small details to ensure your maternity portraits are flawless.

The studio offers a lovely selection of backdrops, blankets, and accessories to make your newborn portraits into a unique work of art. Our specialty is creating soft, dreamy portraits that showcase the sweetness of your tiny baby. The process of settling your baby into a pose takes time and patience. Rest assured that we will prepare you beforehand with helpful instructions to get your baby into a sleepy and cooperative mood, so the session runs smoothly. Our editing style is natural and timeless. We will of course minimize skin discolorations, such as rashes, diaper marks, and bruises in post-processing to bring out the very best in your newborn. MKP is passionate about creating artistic and newborn portraits for families to treasure forever and ever as prints, wall art, and albums. From pregnancy to the first weeks of life, we strive to capture the beauty of these precious fleeting moments.

Clients travel from around the city to have their pregnancy and baby portraits captured MKP. Some travel from hours away in Long Island, New Jersey (NJ), or Connecticut (CT) for their professional studio portrait experience. Many clients are from nearby neighborhoods of Midtown, Chelsea, Flatiron, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Union Square, Soho, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Battery Park City, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Dumbo, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens.

Please take some time to explore our site, and view samples of our newborn portraiture. MKP only accepts a limited number of commissions per year to ensure our high quality of work.  Clients are advised to contact the Midtown Manhattan studio in the first or second trimester to ensure photo shoot availability; however, best efforts are made to accommodate bookings with short notice. From pregnancy to the first weeks of life, we strive to capture the beauty of these precious fleeting moments. Please contact the studio as soon as possible to ensure availability!

Does Your Photographer Knows Different Wedding Photography Styles Free HD Wallpapers, Images, Stock Photos,

Does Your Photographer Knows Different Wedding Photography Styles Free HD Wallpapers, Images, Stock Photos,

Does Your Photographer Knows Different Wedding Photography Styles

Download instructions: rightclick on the picture and choose “Save picture as”
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Why you should have to make efforts to select the photographer for your wedding? As there are numerous style of photography which are especially showcased for couples, and there are many people who know about these styles, which makes the process of selecting the ideal photographer a bit confusing for all the couples. You must take into consideration that you are not just picking the style of photography, but also you should plan your marriage day and must fulfill demands of the wedding as per the style or theme selected for wedding photography. There is a huge buzz out in the market for various style of wedding photography, which includes artistic, vintage, editorial or contemporary are few to mention. In addition to this different marriage photographer has different approach for all the different theme of photography. This is what makes it crucial for the couples, to enquire as much as they can to the hired professional wedding photography Melbourne expert, before making any final decision of hiring the expert firm. You can even ask them to show you their work samples which has at least all the moments of a wedding day, it is not always best to just make the decision by looking at the best of 5-6 shots of the marriage day. Different Wedding Photography Styles from LENSUREDifferent Wedding Photography Styles from LENSUREDifferent Wedding Photography Styles from LENSURE Traditional Wedding Photography Almost every individual thought of traditional photography style as the one which has a lot of group photos in which every individual under the lens of camera looks stiff like a wall. But still there are different individual who prefer these kinds of photography. There should be some advancement even in traditional photography, but still there are photographer who follow the same working structure. The stills could have been more stylish due to other factors like background, attire and more but the effort and the day is similar for the couple like any other traditional photography day. Photojournalism Wedding Photography This style of photography is equal opposite of the traditional photography. This style focus on the capturing the moment as they are happening throughout the event day, and in general is like the fly on the wall documentary style. In this style of photography, the photographer has maintained a good rapport with the couples, as he needs to spend a lot of time in the background. For this photography, the marriage theme should be a little more informal. In this the photographer should possess some different style of photography which asks for different skill set, that makes it important for you to look for the photographic artist with required skill set. Lensure Wedding photography StylesLensure Wedding photography StylesLensure Wedding photography Styles Vintage Wedding Photography This wedding photography theme is of a little vogue kind of, but it is really a tedious task to achieve the photos in this style. Vintage refers that anything which is capturing using old film camera at the time of wedding, is a completely different style of the post production work to develop digital files. There are some great photographer working with Lensure, the best wedding photography Melbourne service provider, which offers the best quality vintage photos for your wedding album. Editorial Wedding Photography This style is inspired by the fashion section of the glossy magazines, and it can offer high-end images. To capture this style of photos successfully on the wedding day, the expert requires to be highly organized, and can require some assistant at the time of capturing the images, which is complete based on the approach the photographer is comfortable with. This style of photography usually focusses on multiple shoots which comprise of engagement day, wedding day and an extra editorial session. It is not needed that you should do all at one day, the photographer pals as per your schedule. There are numerous styles of photography are accessible in market, but the most important thing is the capabilities of the hired photographer, whether he/she is able to capture the wedding photos in the decided theme and create the best wedding album for the couple, to which they can praise for the rest of their life. To achieve the satisfaction like this, every couple should hire the best wedding photography Melbourne service. But they might be busy or their scheduled is pack during your wedding day, so it is better that you should book them as soon as your wedding day is decided. Lensure the best wedding photography Melbourne service provider has the photographic artist who are specialized in every style of wedding photography. Personal service, professionalism, consistency and experience is what are the qualities of their photographer.