Weekly Photography Challenge – Backlighting

If you are not sure what backlighting is about, have a look at these 18 stunning examples.

By Stefan Lins

Weekly Photography Challenge — Backlighting

Superior lighting is vital to creating powerful and strong pictures. Backlighting is just one such approach to use light to your benefit. Certain topics lend themselves nicely to with the light come out from supporting, or even during them. Like:

  • Leaves and blossoms
  • Steam and smoke
  • Anything translucent that the light can come via
  • Water
  • Glass
  • Beard (portraits that use backlight add a glow to your subject’s hair
  • Pets (same with coat!)
  • Cut fruit and a few foods

What other things are you aware about that look amazing backlit?

By Bill Gracey

From M.G.N. — Marcel

From Torben Worm

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