Weekly Photography Challenge – Feet

The photographed and usually lost area of the human body, tootsies toes. See some pictures of toes here.

By Greg Pye

Weekly Photography Challenge – Toes

This one is difficult – you don’t require a unique place, or any specific equipment. Simply head out as well as locate some toes!

Think outside the box on this one also – appear at other people as well as your feet but at puppies, cats, all animals, statues etc. Can you photograph toes to create a picture that is powerful and intriguing? Can you inform a narrative with toes?

By Dark Blue Stripes

By Graeme Paterson

By Khánh Hmoong

By Rick Harris

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By Micah Camara

By Maia C

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Why Semi-automatic Mode is the Best Choice for Wildlife Photography

Guide mode is cheating although there’s a mindset that many of photographers appear to have around anything. Does this frustrate me as a declaration, but it’s simply awful advice, that hinders the improvement of others. I’d contend that there’s no cheating in picture taking, and that using your camera in fully manual ways really makes it more difficult to get the picture you’re searching for – therefore let’s have a look at why semiautomatic ways really are an excellent option for wild life images.

Tracking this puffin in flight, I'd never be able to change the settings quick enough if I was in full manual mode.

Monitoring flight for this puffin, I’d never have the ability to modify the settings fast enough if I had been in complete mode.

I ’d never advocate anyone use complete automatic modes. They can be a pain in the back side, to be honest. It sees appropriate, apparently shifting its thoughts on a daily basis the camera focuses. The environment are frequently incorrect, because you don’t have a bearing over the way in which the exposure triangle is well-balanced (other than a little exposure damages). For wild-life photographers, it is quite a bad selection of mode.

Nonetheless, what I do advocate is that you just run using a semiautomatic mode. Because with wild life, everything is not really predictable that there’s little opportunity you respond to changing states quickly enough in guide mode, and can spin the wheels. Image this: you’re photographing an eagle swooping down in the skies to get a fish in the water. It’s from looking up towards the heavens, a way again, and all of the way to the water shifting through several various ambient light circumstances. You can’t correctly alter the settings fast enough.

semi-automatic modes

Northern Gannet

Just what exactly can you do? Make use of a semiautomatic mode. It is an option favoured by just about all wild life photographers in the sector, and ’s undoubtedly not cheating. It’s not to mention that individuals can’t operate the cam in guide mode – and that’s undoubtedly something you need to learn to do – but instead that there’s no point placing such an easy job as correcting the shutterspeed, in the form of you composing a beautiful wildlife picture.

Settling upon a semiautomatic mode

There are several options it is possible to make here as it pertains to semi-car modes. Let’s take a gander in the options that are very best.

Aperture Priority Mode

This really is my personal favorite. Aperture concern mode lets you set the aperture you’re looking for, leaving the digicam to fix the shutterspeed immediately, so that you can balance the publicity. You can raise your ISO if the mild become an aspect that is limiting, permitting the shutter speed is increased by the cam consequently. However, you have complete control actually, because all you should do is fix your exposure damages to fine tune the ensuing picture.


Exposure settlement lets you keep control and correctly show a picture, even in a mode that is partially automatic.

Wildlife photos are frequently favoured by a broad aperture, as it enables for a fine, gentle bokeh, that isolates the topic in the background. This is what frequently provides wildlife picture an expression of quality, even though I’m an enormous believer in breaking the the guidelines and really including the backdrop in your photos. As you have the ability to command the setting that can make-or-break an image because of this, aperture priority regularly makes perception.

Shutter Concern Mode

If you’re going to involved in wild-life images in, this can be undoubtedly not the mode you would like to be. It is likely that you’ll likely too large at that and be establishing your shutterspeed high –. Wild life is the most active at dawn and twilight, although you could possibly discover that it’s comparatively simple to see, it’s astonishing how tiny mild is open to the digicam, particularly when you’re shooting using a lens slower-than f/2.8. Having a shutterspeed dialed down, the digicam just has s O far it could go prior to the picture starts to eventually become underexposed in raising the aperture. With aperture-priority mode there’s no actual limit to slow or how quick the shutter speed can go – the thing which may occur is you get a blurry picture, although this will often come off

Note: Keep far from shutter concern mode for wild-life photography!

Two hooded crows engaged in a scrap.

Two hooded crows participated in a fight.

Manual Mode with Car ISO

Although I’ve to use it myself, this is really a favorite choice amongst wild-life photographers also. By putting at the camera in to guide mode, but leaving the ISO set-to automatic, you keep control over both aperture and shutterspeed, enabling the cam to fix the coverage to balance. Personally, I as I believe this could destroy a picture prefer to possess control over the ISO.

Therefore may very well not see your ISO is growing rapidly as light states drop, although this mode does permit you to make certain you’ve got the desirable aperture and shutterspeed for correct effect. The point to discover is a picture that looks wonderful on your own cam’s liquid crystal display, before you locate it’s peppered with electronic sound and come back to your own studio.

Nonetheless, getting right into a great habit of assessing the ISO settings occasionally within a shoot, means this isn’t any longer a difficulty. With expertise you’ll learn exactly what before the ISO gets ramped-up the limitations are generally for specific surrounding circumstances.

semi-automatic modes

You have complete control in semiautomatic modes, letting you reach pictures that are more uncommon.

In addition, you still keep the aptitude utilize exposure payment while ISO is setto vehicle. This enables one to fine tune the publicity, the same as with shutter and aperture priority modes.

So which mode should you use?

We ’ve checked out three distinct semiautomatic ways you’re likely wondering which you ought to go for? Well, you understand what I feel about shutter-priority mode. Aside from that, it’s basically your responsibility. Then choose guide with Auto-iso, in the event that you would like to be completely positive in your aperture and shutterspeed.

Thanks to a semi-automatic mode, I was ready for action when this woolly monkey surprised me in the Amazon rainforest. Manually mode would have rendered my efforts useless in such a fleeting moment.

Because of a semiautomatic mode, I had been ready for motion when me surprised in the Amazon Rain Forest. Mode might have left my attempts worthless in this kind of fleeting second.

Then adhere to aperture-priority mode, if, like me, you discover the the chance of an high-iso pace creeping up on you. Both modes are used by professionals, and possibly can lead to tremendous success with all the proper photographer behind it. It’s simply enjoying to the comparative advantages every one provides with it, and becoming used to the style of selection.

You’re heading to sense the constraints of either mode as mild falls, but I say a somewhat blurry picture (or threat of one from a sluggish shutter speed) is a lot better when compared to a picture left unusable thanks to electronic sound.

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Shooting in the Cold – Tips for Winter Photography

Only because it’s not hot doesn’t suggest you need to quit doing any picture taking. Winter photography may be magic, here are a few suggestions for shooting in the cold that will help you.

The climate

It’s not difficult to head out as well as shoot when the current weather is fine as well as the climate God’s grin down with large skies smiles that are fair. Particularly, Spring, and summer Fall are popular occasions for picture taking because there’s no lack of picture options – cozy photo options at that.

Winter Photography 2

Change, however, but it doesn’t the weather outside turns cold, quit shooting only because winter comes around as well as suggest that you must be disheartened, or worse.

Winter Photography 5

That’s not to mention that making pictures in wintertime doesn’t come with a unique group of issues – nicely, not actually issues. Let’s only state that making pictures in the chillier months is more difficult than it’s when at hotter times of the entire year.

Winter Photography 4

There are nevertheless quite several reasons to venture out in the chilly along with your cam. Here are several suggestions that can allow you to keep productive (and secure) throughout those frosty months between Autumn and Spring.

Winter Photography 7

Shield yourself

The know how and ability on the planet won’t do you a lot of good if you’re depressed and overly chilly to really make pictures. Constantly be aware that you just as well as your wellbeing, above everything else else, is the main consideration while shooting in freezing temperatures, winter images do-ing to shield.

Winter Photography 6

Keep a nicely updated on future and present climate conditions and dress so. Wearing levels of clothes will help your body-temperature is adjusted by you centered on your own own level of action while capturing, to stop perspiration which may bring about hypothermia. Shield toes, palms, and your encounter.

Winter Cold Weather Protection

Including wearing so that you don’t have to continuously remove them before making use of your camera, gloves that let great finger motion. Additionally, scarf or an encounter wrap goes a very long solution to take care of your digicam but in addition to safeguard your face from your wind. More on that-oh therefore amazing happenings a little after.

Shield your batteries

Yes, all of US understand the majority of our cams are electrical and batteries are meant by that. Batteries are basically small chemical reactors that generate electricity. High or reduced temperatures change batteries to varying levels (temperature comedy). Chilly batteries fire themselves quicker than do kinds that are warm. When your batteries can empty so essentially, the chilly temperatures confronted.

Winter Batteries

Take this in to account when you venture out for some cold temperatures firing and deliver another battery or 2. If you’re able to, take your additional batteries in your own pocket or to your system to help keep them functioning mo Re effectively and heater. There there were occasions when when I had been working in single-digit temperatures after I place my battery in the digicam just promptly before composing so that you can increase my time that was capturing.

Don’t respire

Well, respire of lense for for example, only not in your cam, or course. Your breath has a comparatively high number of warmth and dampness. The really air you exhale can spell tragedy on your winter photography when the temperature outside drops. In the event that you respire right on your digicam or lens condensation forms. Just like blowing your breath. When it gets cool (below-freezing), that condensation WILL FREEZE. This implies that lens components can glaze over with your personal brand of self made viewfinders and ice become unusable.

Winter Frozen Camera 2

To fight this result that is frosting, re-member never to take your lenses close to your own body and not blow your breath to them. For that issue do because this also will warm them up n’t maintain them in your hand for prolonged numbers of time which often leads to condensation. When composing your pictures, it’s a great idea to to put up your breath.

Winter Frozen Camera 1

It can prevent a build-up of ice and frost on your own cam and just requires several seconds.

Comprehend your tripod

I recall one late day of shooting, a couple winters straight back on a stretch of a mountain stream. I used to be standing in the water with my tri-pod, producing exposures before the mild was gone and after that packaged everything up to generate again to the resort. The temperatures were hovering somewhere in the reduced twenties F (-4-to -6c). I taken my equipment in but left the folded tri-pod in the vehicle.

Another morning identified me beating on my tri-pod having a boot so that you can break it free of the ice brought on by making a tri-pod that was damp in an auto overnight.

Winter Photography 1

That day I realized my lesson and there really are several things that from occurring to you personally, you may do to prevent my error.

Winter Frozen Tripod

Do what you are able to in order to remove just as much water as you are able to in case your tri-pod gets damp. This may decrease the ice build-up. Depart the legs completely stretched, in the event that you uncover yourself unable to keep your tri-pod in a hotter spot after capturing and be certain to not lock the legs. By leaving the legs un-locked you are going to have simpler time if it can freeze, making the tri-pod useable.

Leaving the legs completely stretched may be cumbersome but it’s going to keep water from being launched additionally into legs. The crucial factor when making use of your tripod in wintertime to keep in mind is the fact that wetness and water are your enemies. Whatever you can perform to decrease the wetness may help ensure your capabilities easier when things get truly cold.


Winter images and cold climate capturing is an incredibly rewarding experience. Wintertime transforms places and landscapes into dreamlike scenes distinct from some other season.

Winter Photography 3

Make sure to realize to help you guard yourself as well as your equipment, the best way to make do with the winter temperatures. Here’s a fast recap of the items you can do in order to make your positive your cold temperatures capturing is an excellent encounter.

  1. Dress yourself according to the states. You’re not sufficiently prepared don’t risk it, in the event you believe.
  2. Bring added batteries and keep them warm. Take your batteries in your area to be able to draw out their li Fe.
  3. Don’t respire in your equipment. The condensation out of your breath will freeze on lense and your camera. Hold your breath when composing.
  4. Be not unmindful of your tri-pod. The water might freeze creating it almost impossible to work with, in case it gets damp. Keep it dry as you possibly can.

Please share another winter photography preparedness pointers in the remarks below. Also, discuss your cold temperatures pictures needless to say!

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A Simple Way to Conquer Your Fear of Street Photography

Frustrating, isn’t it? You’re able to go out, your cam is in your fingers, it’s a fine day outside and when you really go where individuals are….panic begins settling in. It’s that concern with street images.

It’s nearly like, you begin sweating and when you begin setting the camera to your own eye, your heart begins beating faster. You can’t feel in regards to the image it’s gone. You’re quite certain if you can get near enough you may get a good chance. But you made a decision to play it safe where every one is quite far away and be satisfied with a few broad angles.


That, my friends, is known as the anxiety of road images. And in the event you are looking over this, I’m quite certain you would like to remove it? The good thing is, you can, it’s really likely not the manner in which you believe. Oh, and go from some guy that could seem his own brother in a person’s eye.

But before diving to the logistics of anxiety, let’s get a couple of things points out and right of the way first.

1 – Becoming closer signifies nothing

There’s an unspoken creed amongst road photographers, it’s the view that that for this to be a great picture, you constantly should be close. That’s only one thing while it’s likely better to be nearer than maybe not. A picture that is poor is a picture that is bad, whether it’s near or far-away. Simply becoming close wo make a picture great. Go through the picture beneath, I’m perhaps not especially near the man at the center and he’s perhaps not even facing me!

fear-street-photography-3It’s not more or less becoming close. There are faraway pictures which can be fantastic and incredibly close pictures which can be the epitome of boring. If such a thing, so you can contain them as well as their environment, you may rather not get also close to individuals. All this to say what? Street photography is an artform, it’s about pictures, and becoming nearer occasionally does not have any impact on the closing results!

2 – an inferior digicam is better

Some cams bring them a lot more focus than the others. No you might actually see a pocket digicam, but grab a battery DSLR with a lens that is big and you will end up found. So, use a little camera, it’s de facto less focus on you, at least for the time being.

With that said, let’s get to the nittygritty of panic!


Individuals don’t actually care by what you are doing

Sorry to to interrupt it to you personally. You’re so unimportant that the people who live in the road need to do is to find you. Except in the event that you’re Beyonce, or Brad Pitt. C-all me in the event that you are! The important thing is this, should you be simply a typical Joe like the remainder of us; folks only don’t worry about you. They care about themselves, and it’s not difficult to establish. Only go out with no cam in the roads and get yourself how you are really noticed by a number of these individuals.

Trace: Extremely few, most probably none will see you.

Psychology tells us we all have some thing called the highlight result, where we think a highlight on-US, that we are noticed by every one, but that isn’t the situation, it’s only how exactly we feel. But it’s perhaps not the sam-e when there is a cam along with you and close, right? Yes and no. Most folks won’t see you using a cam, but when they do, what’s the issue?


Why you dread street images

If individuals not ice you using an image of these, what’s the issue? Well, I would like to ask you a query. Don’t stress, it is related to the topic accessible. Does one feel responsible when you are paid by your chef? The solution (except should you be doing something fishy) is likely NO. Because you changed value because of it. Your time plus abilities in exchange for his or her cash, nothing incorrect there.

But it’s perhaps not exactly the same about the roads. There you sense such as you happen to be TAKING something from the individual you happen to be photographing. Something which is theirs, and it was taken by you. That’s called larceny, right? Thus doesn’t it follow that anxiety is felt by you as you fear being found at thievery? It’s readily established. Because there’s no further tension, the moment you request for authorization worries dissipates.


As you believe you do something fundamentally incorrect you worry. When simply walking down the road, let’s appear at it in still another manner, does one feel any anxiety? No, because you don’t believe you’re doing any such thing incorrect. Panic in road images comes from worrying the re-Action of the others to your own perceived wrongdoing. And between you and me, easily had been stealing, I’d feel scared!

The treatment for panic

The response then is knowing the worth trade that occurs on the road. Nothing is being taken by you, you might be making a picture. Something is being created by you. Of stuff and all folks to photograph, you’ve got selected one individual to create a picture of these. You’ve admitted that man’s value and being.


Seems cheesy? The picture is the greatest ego tool. Assess your Face Book, many people are clamoring for interest through their selfies. Ca n’t you be the one which bestows that focus on them along with your lense?
Pictures are really so strong, a Japanese photographer got carte-blanche to photo Yakuzas, Japanese mafia. Fairly strong, no?

By creating an image of some body, you’re admitting their being, some thing that every one of us wants and wants in a deep-level of our mind.


The trade between you and the topic

Go down the road, give a nod to somebody. Grin, and say hel-LO. Someone’s day by means of your recognition has only changed. Pictures are like that, they may be visual recognition. As soon as you quit seeing what you’re performing (photographing them) as some thing that’s incorrect and really see it as some thing great by changing worth (they really get to take part in the makingof a skill piece in exchange for his or her picture) your prognosis begins to transform. And by this your manner of approaching road photography changes as well as the anxiety will dissipate.

The road photographer’s position

This really is really because here’s a reality – you are reacted to by the road where the magic occurs. Just how you happen to be in the road will dictate how individuals respond to you personally. That’s the entire key. But wait. Why then did I compose all the information above, if that was the entire key? Couldn’t I simply cut to the chase, get right for this part? You are reacted to by the roads, therefore it about seeming assured, correct?


Well, perhaps not actually because I don’t consider it can be faked by you. I really could inform you act assured, to fa-Ke it until you make it so to communicate and to go along the roads. However , I believe folks notice these matters like a canine smells worry. It’s likely going to reveal in your position should you presume you do something incorrect and individuals will respond so.

Road Karma

Think about this this man is merely wandering by your property and with me – you seem out your window, all happygolucky. You then see this shady seeking man, seeking left and proper, like he’s doing something incorrect and look out your window once more. How have you been planning to respond towards every one? To another, perhaps you are prepared to phone law enforcement, although towards the initial one you would possibly smile.

Exactly the same rule applies on the road, it’s called road karma. You’ll escape it the energy which you placed into it. And it’s no woo-woo things either. It’s these those ideas in your mind which make you tend to mimic the others, because of mirror neurons. You are reacted to by the road. That’s what makes the huge difference between finding a grin of amusement along with a look.



Individuals treatment less about you than you could possibly believe, as you’ve got observed, as well as the roads respond according to the manner in which you maintain your-self. Behave like a robber, be handled like one. But behave as if you’re enriching the globe, and individuals will respond otherwise.

Such matters may be falsified. Everything comes from understanding that what we’re doing in the road isn’t anything incorrect. Because as photographers we seek to just interpret the world that’s in entrance of us with our lense really we have been not robbers. Now venture around and glow forth. Be your-self, remain focused, and continue capturing.

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Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Photography

As professional wedding photographers photographers, we like to believe photography is the main part of a bride and bridegroom’s wedding. Certainly they need wonderful wedding photography, so surely they’re going to give people the time on earth to produce pictures that are amazing.

But it doesn’t actually work like that. Nuptials are not idle. Frequently you’re scrambling to get most of the pictures you want extremely fast, leaving no time for the entertaining, intimate pictures you want to produce for the few. Yet, some one springs a listing that is pose on you you weren’t anticipating, or alters the place most people are meeting for family portraits that.

Bride groom romantic location photograpy

The most easy way to ensure you have plenty of time for most of the pictures you would like to make on the marriage day, is to prepare yourself and to understand just how long you will need.

Understand just how long you actually want

According to procedure as well as their style, every photographer requires another timeframe to take pictures in a marriage. As nicely every wedding differs, bridal events with exceptional places, and households.

In the event you are uncertain how much time it takes one to make the pictures you require, time yourself. You will end up better able enough to aid the groom and bride correctly schedule time for every one of the photos, when you understand your personal procedure.


Are you able to travel to the lovely park the couple desires to use for photos involving reception and the service? Or did they overlook to enable the time it really takes to push there? Does one want 20 minutes to photograph the household, or can it be actually more like 4 5 minutes when you range from up the established of lights gear?

Search for pockets of time inside their program throughout the day. You might not get every one of the images time in a single block, but it is possible to schedule it to perform inside the couple’s time line when you realize the length of time you need for every single session.

Methods for locating enough images time-on the marriage day


Pre-Wedding preparing consultation

Have a Prewedding consultation. A closing consultation one to to 2 months prior to the wedding is the ideal time to look at particulars. Discussing the time line together with groom and the bride ahead of the wedding allow you to see where picture taking will fit to the day. It’s going to also help them see simply how long you must do your task nicely. This can be close enough to the special day day if want be, they need to understand every one of the important points, however significantly enough out that programs can be tweaked by them.

Bride bridesmaids posed wedding

Inquire about wedding distributors. Locate out how everybody else from the flower shop to the caterer may also match to the couple’s day. The follow queries can help you:

  • Inquire when hair and makeup where and appointments are planned to be performed.
  • Discover where the flowers are being shipped and at what time.
  • Ask the way in which they intend to personalize it as well as the length of time the service will continue.
  • Understand somehow, or in the event the couple is going to do a getting line greet friends officially right following the service.
  • Validate what time they would like to reach the reception.
  • What time will supper be served,
  • When would group or the DJ like to begin the dancing.

Wedding idea list for photographers

Understanding when the specialists want the consideration of the groom and bride will help when it’s your change, you understand.

Plan for family portraits. Several photographers balk in the “dreaded pose listing,” but getting family photos is a vital part of wedding photography. To create the procedure for arranging family portraits more easy, discover out what groups are essential to the few, and who’s in the their households. Possess the groom and bride tell everyone of the time line, so they’ll prepare yourself when it’s time to begin when you place the time for the wedding pictures.

Be sure you add in traveltime. Frequently the service and reception have been in distinct places, and at times the couple loves to stop-off at a third place merely for photos. Ensure that you add in the full time that it’s going to need to operate a vehicle to the program to such areas.

Wedding planning worksheets photogfaphers examples

Understand the time that is sundown. Whether you would like to be sure you have enough mild for night portraits or for sundown pictures, understanding ahead when sundown is the fact that day, allows you to plan so.


Prior to the big day

Pre-lookout your places. Visit the marriage sites a day or two ahead, to look on the places for potential photography backdrops. Strategy to get there early in the sites to locate the areas you are going to use for images in the event you can’t scout prior to the marriage day.

Have the particulars lined-up ahead. Allow the groom and bride understand whether you’ll would like to photograph cuff links, rings, sneakers, jewellery, and such particulars before they get dressed. Having these collectively and time is saved by prepared.


Consider a first look that is “.” If your time time taken between ceremony and reception is limited, it could be tough to get every one of the pictures done. Enabling a moment that is unique for the wedding couple to view each other for the very first time on day one of the day, can open the few up to the thought to do photography prior to the service.

On the wedding

Learn the best way to introduce people. Brides and bridegrooms usually are not experienced at modeling themselves for pictures. It might take more to allow them to get comfy facing the cam, when they’ren’t certain how they appear. When you have an assortment of flattering poses in head, you happen to be in a position to rapidly move through the session.

Bride groom wedding location photography

Avoid back-tracking. Whether you’ll need setting up lighting gear, collect household for portraits, or visit a cool place with all the couple along with the entire wedding party, get it done just once. When you combine, you conserve hassle plus time for everybody.

For instance, it’s not considerably more difficult to request grandparents, or little nieces and nephews, to to wait only one photography session on the wedding. Select a period when groom and the bride is likely to be prepared for pictures, and intend to do all different mixes you should do at once. There’s no need to request Grandmother to arrive two hours ahead of the service for just one picture, if she must stick around for one more subsequent to the service.

It might function nicely to shoot every one of the family portraits as properly, when the few does a seem,” before the service. Before folks wander off to the reception and commence mingling otherwise, promptly following the service is an excellent time to do them.

Wedding party posed garden

Work down from the greatest groups to the the littlest groups. When you’ve got big, extended family photos to arrange, get those completed first. It lets folks that just must be present for two or one pictures to leave, allowing you to focus on small teams with less madness.


You are able to be ready, when you take a look at the components which enter the program on the marriage day. They are able to ensure they’ve let enough time to do your task when the wedding couple see the method by which the picture taking fits within their program.


Have you got other tricks to add? Just how do you carveout time that is enough for pictures on the big day?

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Weekly Photography Challenge – Neon

Sign Sign Every Where a Signal – check out these pictures of neon indicators.

By wbeem

Weekly Photography Challenge – Neon

In case your home is in town or an urban middle, it is likely that you will get a bit of neon nearby someplace. Search for old diners, citycenter squares, film theatres (particularly old marquees like this one).

By Mike Boening Images

There really are several methods by which you can approach this issue, but in the event you decide to shoot it in the evening you’ll most probably desire a tripod and an extended coverage, you may even wish to integrate some bracketing and do some HDR or coverage mixing to help fight the contrast issue (the dynamic array between nighttime skies and neon is really high, difficult to keep depth in all regions).

You can even add in a few additional things like auto trails (as observed above) or do a zoom through your coverage. Maybe shoot at only some of the indication even. Those are just a couple of tips to get you began.

Hint: in the event you would like some colour in the heavens and backdrop strive shooting only after sundown at twilight, throughout the blue hour. The skies is not completely black and a dark blue yet, as well as display up and the lights should begin to think about it. About obtaining the appropriate balance for the exposure, it’s.

By ounce dean

By Hernan Seoane

By Charlie Essers

By Jeremy Brooks

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Just upload your picture to the remark area (appear for the small camera icon in the Disqus remarks section) and they’ll get embedded for all of US to see or if you’d favor upload them for your favourite photo sharing site and leave the hyperlink to them. Show me your finest pictures in this week’s problem. Occasionally it requires some time for a picture to seem so have patience and strive to not post the exact same picture twice.

Share in the dPS Fb Team

You can even share your pictures on the dPS Fb team as the the process is posted there every week at the same time.

By Patrick Brosset

By Roadsidepictures

By Tim Carter

By Brett Monroe

By Jeremy Brooks

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