7 Photography Exercises To Help You Make a Better Photographer

7 Photography Exercises To Help You Make a Better Photographer

Photography is similar to most other professions or professions in that you may improve and get better. But, as with other skills, you need to attempt to set yourself a construction and actively attempt to improve the areas you might not be great at. Sure, like anything else, there are those that are skilled in seeing a spectacle and pre-visualising a shooter, but the photography exercises will help anyone become a better photographer.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

#1 — Use a Film Camera

Like most photographers that grew up in the 90s, my first introduction to photography has been at school and university utilizing movie. I spent hours in the darkroom creating. Whilst, like most, I love the romantic notion of shooting film, the reality is that digital photography provides independence.

However, the 1 drawback of digital photography is the fact that it also allows you to snap away without really needing to be worried about the amount of photos taken. Much like using film where each photo that is literary taken cost a few cents.

But without the capacity to critique the photo immediately it meant that you needed to trust your instincts and capability. All this combined to ensure that you really needed to think before taking a photo meaning you needed to be better in seeing something and capturing it.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

When you would like to take your skills to the next level and have been photographing for a while, rent or get a movie camera and spend a while utilizing it. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised when you go back to your own camera.

2 — Set Yourself a Limit of Six Pictures

Another way that you can train yourself to make every shot count is by placing a limit on a photo session. Say you’re thinking about photographing a local market, set a limit of six shots to the day. Therefore, in case you reach six before shooting you’ll need to delete one.

The reason for this is that you’ll need to become analytical about your own photos. Setting a shot list that is small will help ensure you catch six pictures with variety that catch the whole experience rather than just a small element.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

For Example, if you’re photographing a market because such, you could set out your six shots:

  • A fantastic portrait of a niche seller.
  • An ecological portrait (i.e. if a seller is making/cooking a thing or making a purchase).
  • A close up of the produce on sale.
  • Wide-angle taken of this venue.
  • Other people in the market (i.e. tourists enjoying their day outside, a celebrity, etc.).
  • Something special about the market (i.e. it might be a unique plaque or signal, or some famous old stall).

You would then perform through your shot list and goal to get the photo that you can and in concept replacing every shot you’ve taken with something greater. You will then end up with six pictures from a shoot rather than 300 ones that are sane. Do this enough times and you’ll notice that your “good” pictures from a fire will start to rise.

Do this enough times and you’ll notice that your amount of “good” pictures from a fire will start to grow.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

3 — Photograph What is Least Uncomfortable

Each photographer has something they’re with photographing the least familiar. For you, it may be something specialized like photographing in low light conditions. It may be even a fear of photographing individuals or capturing landscapes.

Whatever you are familiar with, you must aim to improve that. Not necessarily because it is but because it is going to teach you skills that will become useful on your own genre of photography.

As an example, you might be a wedding photographer and determine that you’re going to improve your sport photography. That genre needs you to work as the action moves so learning do that will no doubt come in weddings.

Trying a new facet of photography will supply you with a glimpse and you don’t know, you might end up enjoying it.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

4 — Work With a Managed Stock Agency

New photographers frequently ask me what I would recommend they do if beginning in travel photography. I always respond that I think they should find a portfolio together and strategy a stock agency. The important word in the preceding sentence is “handled”. So what is a stock agency? Basically there are two different types of stock picture agencies. You can find ones that you just upload photos and so long as they pass on specialized quality evaluations (i.e. there aren’t any chromatic aberrations, they’re very sharp, no nudity, etc.) they will be accepted regardless of composition or subject.

In which not just do your photos undergo the identical stringent quality checks there are handled stock picture agencies, but also someone in the agency also edits them. This implies someone may look that you have submitted and select 20 to go up available on their site. They clearly choose photos that they believe will promote and this is a excellent method to judge how sellable your photos are and if you’re progressing over time.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

By way of example, for the first submissions, you might realize that the agency takes a mean of 10 photos but to 30 or 40 that average may be getting by your submission. This indicates that you’re improving.

5 — Take in Difficult Conditions

The rule of photography is that you just picture topics to have the ability to catch the photos. As an example, landscape shots will be taken during the golden hour, portraits on muddy days, food outdoors in the shade, and so forth. Although there’s a reason behind these rules and wherever possible you should target to follow along since you’ll capture photos, occasionally breaking them will provide you far more dramatic photos.

But photographing in harsh circumstances such as midday for outdoor photography, very low light conditions or backlit for photos, may even indicate you need to think outside the standard photography box and figure out how you can handle the challenging conditions. Not only will this enable you to get skills that are valuable but it may come in handy once you’re on a true shoot and encounter these ailments.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

6 — Work on a Concise

One other fantastic exercise to improve your photography is to operate on a short while. You may put yourself a brief or you’ll be able to ask someone you know to put you one, but handle it like a short that you may receive from a customer. Get the individual setting the brief to offer you as much detail as you can and whenever you’ve taken the photos, present him with them as if he’s the customer.

Get their opinions and do so should you need to take things again. About working to a brief, the great thing is that you’ve got some very specific remit of what is required and as such you’ll see yourself becoming much more focused. If you operate with a stock photo bureau then you could always ask them for a brief since they will frequently have specific photo needs that they will be pleased to share.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

7 — Do not do any Post-Production

I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard someone say, “I’ll fix that in post-production”. The objective of post-production needs to be to improve your photos rather than create them. You must always aim to get as much right once you’re currently taking the photo rather than attempting to mend it in post-production later.

A photography exercise you won’t use any post-production you’ll need to attempt to find the picture right in the time of 28, by placing . If there is a garbage bin (garbage can) on your frame you’ll need to attempt to discover a way to harvest it out. Or when the light isn’t good you’ll have to wait till it’s.

You may find yourself getting better at taking photos.

 7 Photography Exercises That Will Help Make You a Better Photographer

Conclusion and Time to Action

The exercises above are not the only choices. As you advance whether that’s a profession or a hobby you may come up with your own personal photography exercises that you could do. The key is to always look never stop learning and to improve.

Do you have any other fantastic photography exercises? Please share them below.

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