Inside Lighting Photography Non Profit Has Deadly Refugees Take Pictures

Inside Lighting Photography Non Profit Has Deadly Refugees Take Pictures

Sevilay Maria van Dorst is based from all over the world. But this year, she discovered that despite all of the pictures coming from this refugee crisis in Europe, she did not feel as though she had a solid grasp of what unfolded there. “I honestly was not sure what to believe,” van Dorst, 32, claims. “I thought, You know what? I’m going to see for myself what is going on.

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So in February, van Dorst packed her bags and left her home for Lesvos, Greece, an island widely seen as a ground zero into the rest of the continent. (Roughly 30,000 migrants came in there at February alone.) She made her way. “In a minute, I knew things were worse than I had ever anticipated,” she states. “You see their fear and also a complete lack of understanding regarding what is going to happen. They’ve been going into smuggler, treated like animals and another number from smuggler. But when I looked in their eyes, I realized they’d families, names, hopes, and dreams. I thought, Oh, my God, you are not from another world. You’re me, and I am you.

“Once I looked in their eyes, I realized they’d names, families, hopes, and dreams.”

Moved to assist van Dorst began teaching English throughout the chain-link fence of the camp to a number of the kids, with cards. (She had not got permission to operate inside the camp.) She had a couple of students on the very first day; over 70 people, including adults, showed up on the second. Finally, the English courses evolved into photography lessons. “I’m a photographer and an artist, so I look for answers through art,” says van Dorst. Shortly, she’d met with two photographers, Oliver Zimmermann and Sebastian Gil Miranda, who’d also traveled to watch the catastrophe for themselves. Together, together with a translator, Amir Asadi, who had lately come to Greece they found Inside moderate, a project to teach photography as a means of boosting their sin to young refugees.

Van Dorst educates families English May 2016, throughout the fencing in Moria refugee camp

On the next seven weeks, disposable cameras were handed by the Inside Light team beneath the fence and informed the pupils to take photographs of things. “They see that this location in a really negative way, but once we ask them to look for things that are special, they start to see their environment otherwise,” van Dorst clarifies. “You begin to provoke positive thinking instead of, Oh, this is really bad.” After the children stopped shooting, while supplying tips on composition, light, and other techniques, their pictures were generated by the photographers at a local store and returned to speak about their favorite snaps. In return, the kids shared stories of their lives back home. “It’s remarkable to me how these refugees do not have anything, but still want to give you something, to teach you anything about themselves or their states,” van Dorst states. Thus far, over 50 children have been worked with by Inside Light; next year it intends to expand into additional refugee camps in Greece and everywhere, and has established a fundraising campaign.

What the kids decide to picture sometimes surprises van Dorst. After, a boy whose dad had left his family years back was so excited about a picture he had taken that he pressed it for several moments. Van Dorst recognized he had taken a selfie when he finally put it down. “Can it be a mistake?” She asked. “No,” he replied. “It’s not a mistake–I’m beautiful.” The response left van Dorst speechless: “To know that he’d felt so unlikable since his dad left and to then watch him call himself amazing told me I’d done my job.”

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This article appears in the December issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands November 15.

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